Why use JT Enterprises Bulkheads?



JTE bulkheads are manufactured with virgin material. Which ensures high quality material, not second or third generation like many other bulkheads, which tend to crack.

Our bulkheads are made of ABS plastic. ABS is used in the plumbing industry. Because the bulkheads are black ABS, they are also UV stabilized, which is different from PVC which have a UV stabilizer in the material itself. Due to the UV stabilizer, our bulkheads will not crack when exposed in the elements.

The thickness of our bulkheads are the best feature. They are rated as schedule 40 plus. The bulkheads are actually larger than what you can buy schedule 40. The gaskets are duraflex which will not dry rot or crack. It is a high grade of flexibility material that lasts over ten years without dry rotting.

The bulkheads also contain a thicker grade nut than other comparable bulkheads, which have double the nut capacity per square pound for torque. These nuts won’t strip because they are double thickness and double the strength of many other comparable bulkheads.

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