Why use JT Enterprises bioballs?



The bIoballs we manufacture are made up of the best polyprophylene, izod #3 melt. Premium polypropylene is the same material which is used in the manufacturing of eye contact lenses. Consequently, our bioballs are medical grade quality. To the best of our knowledge, none of our competition can make that claim

This is important because many cheaper bioball manufacturers use low grade material which will cause the product to break in shipping, use, and handling. Our material guaranties we offer a quality bioball. You may be able buy bioballs from a competitor, but it will not be made of the same high quality material.

We have a supplier that gives us the same material, which is used in the manufacturing of eye contact lenses, for our manufacturing of our bioballs. This lends to the longevity and durability of our product. Makes our bioballs easy to clean. It also ensures that they won’t break and are a lot more flexible than our competition,

The time and care which we put in to the material of our product, ensures JT ‘Enterprises offers you a quality bioball.

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