Tips for freshwater fish keeping beginners

More often than not, when people get into fishkeeping – freshwater fish are usually what they start off with. And to be honest – that’s the correct choice. Saltwater fish are incredible – but you’re probably better off going with freshwater fish as you wade into the world of fishkeeping. 

Today, we’re going to share some basic tips with you on how to best care for freshwater fish. They’re a little lower maintenance – and if you stick to these rules – you should find yourself enjoying a healthy, thriving tank. Let’s jump right in!

Get the right size tank

You’ll probably hear a lot of people argue about which is best, but we kinda come down on the whole idea that a little bigger is a little better for beginners. Why? Well the bigger your tank, the higher the water volume. You might think that means ‘more to care for’ but it actually doesn’t. 

More water means it’s easier to stabilize the water chemistry in your tank and provides you with more space in your tank for your fish to live in. This not only helps you grapple with one of the more challenging aspects of beginner fishkeeping (water chemistry) but also gives you more leeway in terms of what kinds of fish you can put in the tank. Yeah- water changes will take a little longer and you’ll pay a little more up-front- but it’s worth the extra scratch. 


Not all fish are created equal. Not only do different species have different needs in order to thrive – not all species play nice together. Make sure when you’re researching which fish to get – you consider their behavior, size and water requirements. And as always – never bite off more than you think you can chew. 

Keeping balance – food and chemistry

Like we said above – keeping water chemistry is a bit of a challenge for users early on. Fish can be very sensitive to a change in water chemistry so keep yours clean and clear. Regular changes, proper filtration and testing will allow you to do this. 

Also – keeping a sound, balanced diet can go a long way to not only having healthier fish, but also a cleaner, more balanced tank. Different species have different needs, so make sure you know what to feed and just how much. Also – be careful not to overfeed. This can lead to both health problems and poor water quality. 


Don’t forget why you’re doing this. Get some visual aesthetic and enjoyment by decorating the tank! Also – more decorations are great for your fish as well as it provides them with hiding places, homes and territory they can call their own. 

Following these tips and tricks can create a healthy, thriving underwater environment for your fish and also get you off to as solid a start as possible. If you have any questions, feel free to give us a shout! Until then – good luck!

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