Salt or Fresh Water Aquarium?

What type of tank should I get, salt water or fresh? That is a hard question for most enthusiasts when they first decide to get invoived in a fish tank. There are pros and cons to both.

There are varying opinions by proponents of either. So what you choose will depend on what your, interests, preferences and finances, (there is also a higher cost involved in maintaining a salt water tank as opposed a fresh water tank) are.  .


One main consensus is that salt water tanks require more maintenance. They must be constantly maintained to make sure chemical levels are correct and algae blooms are in check. That is not to say that maintenance is not needed for fresh water tanks, algae and chemical balance is a concern also.


There is also a question of what type of fish to get. There is definitely more variety for salt water speicies. You also have the option of setting up a reef tank which probably would require the most maintenance due to the fact the reef must be gradually cultured, nutured and acclimated to the tank.


While salt water tanks may be attractive for their complexity, fresh water may be just as beautiful for its simplicity. When most beginners get an aquarium, they get a goldfish, which is a fresh water species. You can use cheaper, simplified filtration systems such as gravel or sand.


Moreover, who needs water? You could also use a tank for amphibious animals like snakes or turtles.


The beauty of this no matter what you decide, you can use JT Enterprises bulkheads or bioballs for you aquarium needs. Wet dry or trickle filters which incorporate bio balls can be used in either salt or fresh water tanks while bulkheads can be used in any tank for drainage or connective purposes. So whatever you decide to get involved in for your aquarium hobby, please remember JT Enterprises.

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