Introducing fish to a new tank

Introducing fish to an aquarium is one of the more overlooked things that new tank owners never think about. You have to remember that when you set up an aquarium, you’re basically setting up an entire small ecosystem in which your fish will live.

There are some things to consider when you’re introducing a fish to its new home. Here are some tips that will help make it easier for you to make your fish feel more at home faster. Let’s jump right in!


Before buying a fish, you need to make sure you have your aquarium up and running so that it’s prepared to take on fish. That includes getting the temperature right, making sure the pH is balanced, that you have the right filtration media, lighting, heating and water chemistry and the like. Once it’s up and running, give it a day or two to acclimatize to itself. Then get into adding in fish.


Getting your fish acclimated to the temperature of the tank is crucial. Not doing so can cause shock and even potentially kill it. You do this by opening the bag your fish is in and placing the fish in the bag in the water, with the opening hooked in so it doesn’t totally submerge into the water. Keep the fish in the bag about 20 minutes and then they should be ready to handle the temperature.

Getting them used to the tank

The next thing you’re going to want to do is pour a little tank water into the bag to get the fish ready for the water they’ll be in as this helps them get used to the chemistry of the water. Give this one about 10 minutes. Every ten minutes thereafter, add a little bit more water to the bag.


Now it’s time to let the fish free. Using a net, grab the fish and set it into the tank. DO NOT dump the water from the bag into the tank. That can cause germs and all sorts of nasty diseases to spread that could adversely effect the other fish in the tank.

Rest and relaxation

For fish, moving can be a pretty traumatic thing – so they’ll need a little time to relax and calm down once this is all over. Feel free to shut of the light in the aquarium as this will take their focus off the newcomers. Try to feed them within the first 24 hours they’re in the tank.

Devil’s in the details

Keep monitoring your fish for a few days after they arrive. Some species are more sensitive than other and some will require more attention than others. Salt water fish also bring a totally different element into the equation as well. Ask your local provider questions and make sure that you know the ins, outs and particulars of the fish you just purchased.

Getting fish for the first time is an incredible experience. Enjoy!

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