How to properly maintain an aquarium

There are many different variables when it comes to maintaining an aquarium. We hope to provide a general guideline to help get you started on this.

First it depends whether you have an acrylic or glass aquarium. Those require different types of cleaners for maintenance. If you don’t get the right one, you may either damage or affect the tank’s clarity.

Second, what type of aquarium do you have? Is it salt water or fresh water? Does it have any water, or is it used as a terarium? What type of animals are you keeping in it? All these factors require research as to what works best to keep your aquarium looking as clear as possible.

If you have a saltwater aquarium, especially a reef tank, you will need extra care to make sure chemical levels areĀ  within proper parameters along with maintaining algae levels in check which could adversely affect the fish. You must remember, fish breath the same water that they excrete and eat in.

It is essential that waste be cycled out of the water on a timely basis for the health of the fish. You must also be very careful how you clean the actual aquarium on the inside to make sure the cleaning solution doesn’t adversely affect the animals inside.

This blog is meant to give you a framework to get started on how you will approach maintaining your tank. We highly recommend you do your own research or consult a professional for specifics. Nevertheless, proper filtration is an essential part of maintenance, so don’t forget JT Enterprises bulkheads and bioballs for your filtration needs!

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