Holiday gift ideas for the fish fanatic in your life

It’s that time of year again! With Thanksgiving Dinner thoroughly pulverized and lawn decorations and lights popping up everywhere it’s time to start thinking about what we’re going to be getting our friends and family for the holidays. Oh the joys of the holiday retail rush! 

If your loved one is a fish fanatic, we’ve got you covered. Here, we’ve put together a few gift  ideas for you to mull over this holiday season for the fish fanatic in your life. Hopefully these will give you a little inspiration and make this season’s shopping hellscape a little bit more bearable. Let’s jump right in!

Tank upgrades

Most hardcore fish keepers are always looking for cool, new ways to upgrade their tanks. Whether that’s moving up in size, the number/type of fish, the lighting or whatever it might be – there’s a bevy of things you can get for them. 

One helpful upgrade is a high end LED light that fits their tank. These lights provide excellent light intensity and have a whole range of cool, customizable color spectrums. In some models, you can even have them configured with your smartphone so that there’s natural light patterns for the fish. The best part about them is that they won’t blow a hole in your wallet either as they’re fairly affordable. So if you’re looking for something that can really knock it out of the park, that’ll certainly do!

That being said – if you want to go for the deep ball, we’d most definitely err on the side of caution and instead of relying on a wonderful surprise – that you include that special someone in the decision making process. For starters, they’ll know the tank and what they want better than you will – and will know where to go and what they’ll want. We take friends and loved ones out to dinner as a treat, so just think of it like that!

Supply refills

If you’ve got a tank obsessive who is less concerned with something new and instead more into keeping what they already have looking great; then supply refills are always a winner. Plant fertilizers and root tabs are always in demand when it comes to keeping aquarium plants happy and healthy. If they don’t keep plants, check their supply cabinet to see what they use and what they might need more of. It could be medications – it could even be new types of treats and fish food. Whatever they need and you know they’ll use will certainly work. 

Stocking stuffers

Sometimes it’s not about going big and bold. Sometimes, it’s the smaller things that matter most. And sometimes it’s just those things that fit into a stocking that fish tank owners are always in need of; smaller things that make a big difference in their aquariums. Maybe it’s a simple new net, a scraper blade to clean algae, filters, small air pumps, or new tank decorations. Whatever it is – you won’t have difficulty finding something that is affordable, makes a difference and fits neatly inside a stocking. 

The great thing about aquariums is small, affordable upgrades can make a really big difference. 

If fish fanatics are anything, they’re fickle about what they love, but they’re also easy to please. Whatever you do that comes from a place of love will make them feel great. And if you’re a fish fanatic yourself, don’t be shy in sharing this article with family and friends to help them out! Enjoy the holidays and hopefully Santa is good to you and yours!

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