Four things you can do to keep your fish happy and healthy


As they say – if you want pets, you need to know how to take care of them.

When it comes to fish – the rules are no different. Owning a fish tank comes with a certain level of responsibility – and consistently maintaining your tank will go a long ways towards not only providing your fish with a happy, healthy home in which they can thrive; but can also save you a whole plethora of headaches down the road such as sick fish, clogged filters and the like.

Today, we’re going to share with you some tips you can use to keep your fish tank happy and healthy well into the future. Let’s jump right in!

Room to roam

Always be mindful of your tank’s population. Overcrowding is an issue largely because it can lead to low oxygen levels in the water. In addition, you could develop an overabundance of waste, which can clog filters and adversely impact the quality of your aquarium’s water. Always be mindful to talk to your pet specialist to find out what your tank’s capacity is relative to the fish who will inhabit it.

Consistent water changes

You should be changing 25% of your tank’s water once a month. Not only will this help keep your tank clean, but it will also help maintain nitrate concentrations at safe levels. Also be sure to use a gravel vacuum to help you get to waste and other debris hidden at the bottom of the tank.

Maintaining water temperature

Changes in water temperature can have catastrophic effects on aquarium fish. Maintaining consistent temperature is vital to the health of your tank and it’s important to place your tank in places where said temperature can stay consistent. That means not placing the tank next to heating or air conditioning vents, windows where there’s lots of sun or places where there’ no light at all. Drastic changes in temperature can kill your fish so be diligent in doing everything you can to maintain consistency.

Cleaning the side of the tank

While green is good in some cases, it’s not always the case when it comes to your fish tank. Algae buildup not only looks bad – but it can deplete oxygen and create some pretty unhealthy conditions for your fish. Not only is algae bad for your fish – it can also cause issues with plants in your tank as well. When left unchecked, it will rob plants and fish of much needed oxygen.

The good news is – algae is pretty easy to combat. In addition to the many tools you can purchase at a pet store – using a simple scrub brush and elbow grease can go a long way towards eliminating the excess algae in your tank.


With a healthy and well-managed tank, you’ll enjoy many hours of watching your fish grow and thrive in their home. Follow these tips – and you’ll enjoy your tank for years to come.

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