First Fish Tank

Many times we get asked what do we recommend for a fish enthusiast who is getting their first tank? I think that is a great question, it can stump us sometimes. Well in our experience, we have learned that it all comes down to several simple variables, which are budget, age, and commitment to maintenance.

The younger first time fish enthusiast tends to be satisfied with the simple things. A typical goldfish in a bowl suits just fine. You don’t need an external filter. Food is relatively inexpensive. Last but not least, storage is simple.There are other options which fit the same criteria above such as crawfish or turtles. All are fresh water, and can be a great beginner for the young enthusiast.

The young adults tend to need more stimulation. Sometimes having a predator type fish like an eel, with which they can feed smaller fish, garner a lot of excitement. It requires a little more finances and time dedicated to upkeep than a standard gold fish tank, however it’s not that much more. Other types of intermediate pets could be Oscars, Crabs or Octopus.

Mature adults, tend to like tanks a little more complicated. A variety of fish, which are compatible of course, tend to stimulate the senses better for this age group. Usually mature adults have more resources to dedicate to maintenance even if it requires a service man to visit the home for upkeep of the tank. They also tend to stay home more, which gives them more time to dedicate to maintenance an enjoyment.Examples of advanced tanks would be a reef tank, tanks with live rock, multi species type tanks with cleaners, predators, and prey.

Once again, no matter what you decide to choose,.please remember JT Enterprises bulkheads and bioballs for your filtration and connective needs. We encourage you to explore the wonderful world of aqauariums!

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