Caring for fish when you’re on vacation

Before you know it, it’ll be holiday season and chances are if you’re like 70% of Americans – you’ll likely be on the move to celebrate them. But just like everyone else – you’ll probably be wondering or grappling with what to do with your pets.

And for the sake of our blog today – what do you do with your fish?

Thankfully, aquarium fish are easier to care for because they don’t need walks, don’t need to be let outside to go to the bathroom and you really don’t need to even feed them every day. But just because they’re lower maintenance doesn’t mean you won’t or shouldn’t be concerned!

Today, we’re going to share a few tips that’ll help bring your anxiety levels down a notch. Let’s jump right in!

What to do before you leave

Give your tank a good cleaning before you head out for the holidays. Do a water change, vacuum the tank and clean out the filter. We’d recommend doing this a few days before you leave that way you can rest assured that everything is in good work order before you leave. This way you know your fish will be kicking back in a clean environment while you’re away.


There’s a few ways you can tackle this. For one, if you’re not leaving for a long time- like say a three day weekend – you don’t really have to feed your fish. Most are equipped to go several days between feedings depending on the species. As always, check what their requirements are. 

On the other hand, if you feel guilty or have a species that does require increased feedings, consider adding an auto feeder that’ll release food into the tank at a specific time every day or every other day. This solution however, will cost you a little money. 

Pet sitters

The last thing you can always do is either hire a pet sitter or someone to stand in as one. This can be a friend or even a neighbor. This person can stop by every day and feed and/or checkup on your fish. You can leave food behind with instructions and labels and rest assured that someone trusted is keeping an eye on your pet. 

Hopefully, one of these methods can help you relax a little more and rest assured knowing that your fish are in good hands. Enjoy the coming holiday seasons and as always – if you have questions give our team a call today! Good luck!

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