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A bulkhead fitting is a connective piece that allows different compartments in aquarium plumbing systems to share water. They are commonly used in the aquarium industry and also other industries that don’t necessarily have anything to do with water. However, our main focus is to provide high quality bulkhead fittings to the aquarium industry.

So the challenge for JT Enterprises, was how do we make our product stand out from the other products out there? We decided to make the best quality product we could that was able to give you maximum profit potential.

We never want to be the cheapest because the cheapest is never the best quality. We never want to be the most expensive because the most expensive will limit your audience.

So we did the best we could to make the experience mutually beneficial for both us and our customers. Our bulkhead fittings have five major features that make them stand out in the industry and we’re very proud of them.

1. Quality Gaskets

Our aquarium bulkhead fittings have a high-quality UV- stabilized EPDM gasket. The significance of this is that the gasket is treated so as to resist wear and tear and weathering from the outside elements. That’s very important in case our bulkhead fittings are used in either outside environments or indoor aquariums.

2. Tapered Ends

The second feature is our bulkhead fittings have tapered ends. This taper allows our bulkhead fittings to accommodate any brand of pipe used as they are all slightly different.

3. Thicker Design

Our bulkhead fittings are thicker than the standard schedule 40. This makes the bulkhead fitting for aquariums more durable than standard schedule 40 bulkhead fittings. This really sets us apart from our competition. It allows our bulkhead fittings to be used in certain jobs where the lower quality bulkhead fittings, especially those manufactured overseas, would not be as reliable and may crack or break.

4. UV Stabilized

Feature number four is being UV stabilized. They can be used outdoors and will not deteriorate due to the elements. Some of our customers have used cheaper brands that were not UV stabilized and they had to replace them as they deteriorated under the sun and other elements.

5. Made in USA

The fifth feature is all our products are made in America. This allows us to oversee the manufacturing process and produce higher-quality products. It also allows us to immediately ramp up production to meet demands. Other companies that have their products manufactured overseas can have long delays in meeting demand. They have to wait for their products to be shipped from the overseas manufacturer when they are out of inventory.

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These five features really help JT Enterprise’s bulkhead fittings stand apart from its competition.  Our fittings have an excellent reputation for  reliability and quality.

Because of the above features, our aquarium bulkhead fittings will not be the cheapest, but they also won’t be as expensive as schedule 80 bulkhead fittings, which allows you to have a higher profit margin.

Please note the sizes and configurations we offer below.

Sizes Available:
1/2 inch
3/4 inch
1 inch
1 1/2 inch
2 inch 
Configurations Available:
Slip by Slip
Slip by Thread
Thread by Thread
Thread by Slip
Price Points:
1-200 Units
201-1000 Units
1001 or more Units

Drilled Hole Sizes For Bulkheads

1/2″ 29 milimeter or 1 1/8″
3/4″ 39 milimeter or 1 1/2″
1″ 45 milimeter or 1 3/4″
1 1/2″ 62 milimeter or 2 3/8″
2″ 77 milimeter or 3″

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