Bio balls


We also wanted to do the same thing with our bio balls as we did with the bulkhead fittings, in reference to having high quality and reliability to set them apart in the industry.

One of our features that really helps is that our bio balls are made with high quality polypropylene. This allows us to ensure that our bio balls are sturdy and the pins will not be brittle and break off like some of the cheaper made products out there that use lower grade materials.

We also have a very good surface area on our bio balls and it facilitates them being able to be used not only in aquariums but also in many other water treatment applications.

Our Bio balls are black, 1.5″ diameter, and high density polypropylene. Made in the United States of America.

There are 2,000 Bio balls per case and 780 Bio balls per cubic foot. Each cubic foot weighs 9.96 pounds.

The surface area for each Bio ball is 22.7328 inches.

Price points are as follows:
1-5 cases
6-19 cases
20 or more cases

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