Bio Balls for Koi Pond Filtration

One of the most popular type of outdoor ponds are Koi Ponds. They are gaining popularity more and more throughout the nation.

Bio Balls happen to be perfect for your trickle system filtration units for these ponds!

Many Koi Pond owners use wet-dry trickle filtration units to filter their Koi Ponds. Bio balls are used in these wet-dry units to remove the nitrates and harmful bacteria from the pond.

Because our bio balls are made with high quality plastic, the spheres maintain their pins and shape longer, which creates a consistent, large surface area, to form a culture for removing waste from the ecosystem.

JT Enterprises has many satisfied Koi pond customers throughout the country using our Bio Balls for filtration. So, if you are a Koi Pond enthusiast, make sure you use JT Enterprises’ Bio Balls!

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