Bulkhead Fitting Info

All of our bulkhead fittings are manufactured with ABS Plastic. ABS Plastic is similar to PVC Plastic but is less toxic to make and less toxic to the environment. All of our bulkheads come with both a nut and a gasket to effectively seal a point when connecting a project.

Our bulkhead fittings s are made in 5 sizes, half inch, three quarter inch, one inch, one and one half inch, and two inch. If you want to use plumbing pipe with our bulkhead fittings you can purchase them at any plumbing supply house or hardware store, such as Home Depot or Lowe’s.

A half inch pipe will fit inside our half inch bulkhead. A three quarter inch pipe will fit in inside our three quarter inch bulkhead. A one inch pipe will fit in inside our one inch bulkhead. A one and one half inch pipe will fit in inside our one and one half inch bulkhead. A two inch pipe will fit in inside our two inch bulkhead.

All of our bulkhead fittings are slightly tapered. This was done so any plumbing pipe will fit our bulkheads and as the pipe slides in it, it will get tighter. If you prefer to screw a fitting into the bulkhead we have you covered there also. We make the interior of both sides of the bulkhead in both slip and thread.


How to seal the bulkhead fittings to the plumbing pipe?

When you slide the plumbing pipe into the bulkhead it will get tighter. The more you push it in, the tighter it will get. If you want to glue or cement the pipe into the bulkhead, we recommend using IPS Corporation products as they provide the best and most complete line of glue and cement products to join both ABS and PVC plastic pipes and fittings.


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