What are Bulkheads used for?

What are Bulkheads used for? That’s a good question. Bulkheads, in reference to aquariums, are used to drain water from the tank into other containers.

Sometimes water is drained to a filtration unit, IE: protein skimmer, wet dry, etc. Bulkheads can also be used to drain water to a different tank. Bulkheads also have uses in other industries that need to drain fluid from one source to another. Sometimes bulkheads are used in cleaning machines like the dust bags for vacuum cleaners. We hope these few examples give you a better idea of how our products may assist you.

Aquaponics Uses for Bulkheads and Bio Balls

Have you heard of the new Aquaponics industry? Well I guess you can’t call the industry new. However, more and more people are starting to grow there own seafood locally.

You have more private individuals growing different types of fish, shellfish, and other fresh water aquatic animals on there property in order to ensure the quality. This trend is growing more and more popular.

The beauty of this is that once again JT Enterprises can assist you with your filtration needs via our bio balls. We can also assist you with your drainage needs with our bulkheads to flow water from your pond or tank.

If you haven’t yet, please look into the Aquaponics industry if you’re searching for a method to ensure the quality of your seafood.

Aquarium Temperatures

I have my tank, what do I do about the temperature? Very good question. If you have a fish tank, some species require very specific temperatures to thrive. (more…)

Aquarium Lighting

Now that you have gotten your aquarium and chosen your pet, we have the next most important part. How do we see inside the aquarium?  For that you need to make sure you have the proper lighting. (more…)

How to properly maintain an aquarium

There are many different variables when it comes to maintaining an aquarium. We hope to provide a general guideline to help get you started on this.

First it depends whether you have an acrylic or glass aquarium. Those require different types of cleaners for maintenance. If you don’t get the right one, you may either damage or affect the tank’s clarity.


First Fish Tank

Many times we get asked what do we recommend for a fish enthusiast who is getting their first tank? I think that is a great question, it can stump us sometimes. Well in our experience, we have learned that it all comes down to several simple variables, which are budget, age, and commitment to maintenance.


Salt or Fresh Water Aquarium?

What type of tank should I get, salt water or fresh? That is a hard question for most enthusiasts when they first decide to get invoived in a fish tank. There are pros and cons to both.


Aquarium Tips for Beginners

When you buy your first aquarium you should not get the fish until after your tank has been completely setup and has sat for one or more days.


Saltwater Aquariums: Bio ball Maintenance

Just like with an undergravel filter, it’s the lack of proper maintenance that causes bio balls to produce nitrates. If you periodically rinse bio balls and keep them clean, nitrate problems should decrease, as long as this is the only source of nitrate problems in the aquarium.


Bio Balls for Koi Pond Filtration

One of the most popular type of outdoor ponds are Koi Ponds. They are gaining popularity more and more throughout the nation.

Bio Balls happen to be perfect for your trickle system filtration units for these ponds!


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