Bulkhead Fittings –¬†Wholesale

Bulkhead fittings are used to connect commercial & industrial water filtration systems. Plastic bulkhead fittings are used anytime a hole is made through glass or acrylic to simplify the attachment of plumbing pieces.

The use of a plastic bulkhead fitting will help avoid stress cracks and leakage. They also simplify the removal of pumps and accessories.

All of our bulkhead fittings are manufactured in the United States of America by JT Enterprises of West Central Florida.


Please note the sizes and configurations we offer below.

Sizes Available:
1/2 inch
3/4 inch
1 inch
1 1/2 inch
2 inch
Configurations Available:
Slip by Slip
Slip by Thread
Thread by Thread
Thread by Slip
Price Points:
1-200 Units
201-1000 Units
1001 or more Units

Drilled Hole Sizes For Bulkheads

1/2″ 29 milimeter or 1 1/8″
3/4″ 39 milimeter or 1 1/2″
1″ 45 milimeter or 1 3/4″
1 1/2″ 62 milimeter or 2 3/8″
2″ 77 milimeter or 3″

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